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All Good Things Come to an End…or do they?

‘Tis the last day of our course and my, what an enlightening couple of months it has been.  My learning curve was a steep one, directly correlating with the evolution of my attitude towards 2.0’s place in a third grade classroom. 

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Camstudio video tutorials – second nature or migraine?

We’ve just finished creating video tutorials. I think it is a great idea! Although it might take a while to prepare it and work out all the pesky techno-bugs, once you get used to it, in the end, it might actually be a time-saver. As a third grade teacher, I notice that if my students are viewing any kind of video presentation, they are extremely captivated, as it is such a change from having their lovely teacher standing at the front of the classroom. Given that attentiveness can often be a challenge with these little angels, I may, in fact be able to deliver lesson content in a significantly reduced amount of time by using Camstudio. Read the rest of this entry »

Engaged and Enraged!

In the last 5 minutes or so, I feel I have just taken an invigorating ride on an  97536747_c36129bac0_m1 emotional rollercoaster, complete with unexpected turns, screams and a wild teenager’s desire for the ride to continue. I’ve just read Marc Prensky’s piece which presents itself as a veritable slap in the face to us middle aged teachers who have been teaching almost since the middle ages (at least in computer years), and who think we’re doing a pretty darn good job, if we do say so ourselves!

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POdCasTinG virGiNs

It’s amazing the find out what you don’t know that you don’t know. An intimate group of about 20 of my colleagues and I are immersing ourselves in a Masters program and, more specifically, the wide-and-mind-boggling-yet-amazing world of Web 2.0. Here is a podcast that three of us put together.  If you are at all interested in international teaching and living, perhaps the Boomerang Expats will be able to enlighten you!|pe1|WdjZPXLrvP2rYVK-ZmtmDw

Blogging for Babies

Well, my 8 year-olds aren’t quite babies, but I did think that such a title might grab someone’s attention. Was I right?

So, the question of the day is “How can I effectively use blogging or wikis with my 3rd grade students?” Given that blogs are more personal in nature and provide a space where you can write down your thoughts, wonders, investigations and observations, and receive feedback from those who just happen to accidentally or, perhaps more likely, purposely find your post in cyberspace (especially when it comes to wee ones who send their link to Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and any other friend or relative who might be interested in supporting the little tyke in his cute little venture), I personally figure blogs might be most beneficial at this age.

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Get with the program!

I’ve been reading a few posts written by some of the others in the class and I must admit that my mindset on 2.0 technology is evolving. Mike “Think Abouter” Oomens took what some of us are looking at as a necessary evil– maintaining a blog, that is–that keeps us glued to a chair in front of our computer and prevents us from tending to all the other millions of seemingly important tasks that also eat away at our time (…are you sure a day is still has full 24 hours?!) and turned it into a blissful, spa-like experience that allows one to escape the chaos of day-to-day life and become selfishly introspective…of course in the most positive sense of the word. Could it possibly take the place of a relaxing bubble bath, complete with scattered rose petals, dripping vanilla scented candles and a goblet of red–possibly not. But for those who like to ponder and to read what others have on their mind, the blogging experience might just register as a close second, especially if you combine it with the glass of red!

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More education. Less schooliness. More on the Abuse of Student Blogs for Potential Young Writers

I found this to be an interesting article, largely because of fact that one of the points made by the author rang familiar to me. My personal connection has less to do with technology in the classroom and more to do with recognition of course overlap and the effort put into assignments. However, I would be the first to admit that writing in a blog might make one’s work more accessible to teachers.

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